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Welcome to Carrboro!

Carrboro has been called many things over the years. Most of them flattering. Recently, we were named one of America's top 100 art towns. We have a few art galleries of course, but most likely we gained this distinction because art infuses every corner of our town, from public sculpture to coffee to food to, well, art in more expected places such as galleries, stores and a little place called, of all things, The ArtsCenter.

hulaThere are many fun things about this town. One of them is the passion of the people who live here. Some folks are passionate about politics. Others about beer. Some folks are passionate about comedy. And some folks about chocolate. Okay, everyone is passionate about chocolate. More to the point, the people who have opened shops here are passionate about what they do. And many of them enjoy national and even international reputations. So come spend a perfect day with us and see why people who live in Carrboro love and look after their town so well. Vous cherchez des pharmacies sur Internet abordable en France? Nous vous conseillons d'essayer le viagra generique vendu en france à bas prix.



"Remember when you were growing up and one of your friends had a little brother and you always liked him and he was kind of cute but you never really thought of him as much more than your friend's little brother?"
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houseThere are approximately 150 structures still standing within Carrboro's current city limits that were erected prior to 1930. More fun facts >

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Derek Long discovers why Carrboro is called "The Paris of the Piedmont."
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Jesse Kalisher, the President of the Carrboro Merchant's Association, presents the 2010 Walk Carrboro Program .

Listen to radio interview with Jesse Kalisher and Ron Stutts on WCHL